Africa Lunch Meeting : Overcoming the Justice Impasse for Syrians

Presentation by Brigitte Herremans at the Africa Lunch Meeting hosted by the Egmont Institute.

When the Syrian uprising started in 2011, justice and accountability were key demands of the protest movement. Civil society activists and international stakeholders embraced the transitional justice paradigm to accompany the hoped-for transition. However, the Assad regime’s policies of annihilation have crushed the uprising and led to a civil war. While states failed to provide a meaningful response, Syrian and international stakeholders, or justice actors, continue to pursue justice in a situation where impunity seems the norm. In this presentation, Brigitte Herremans will shed light on how justice actors are trying to overcome the reigning justice impasse, in particular through universal jurisdiction cases and victim-led initiatives.

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Date & Time

October 26, 2021

12:30 - 14:00


Organized by Egmont Institute