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Sangeetha Yogendran, together with Youth for Peace Cambodia, present submission to the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

In October 2021, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia issued a Call for Contributions from relevant stakeholders with respect to the ECCC’s Residual Functions Related to Victims. The Call for Contributions asked for the provision of “… explanations for and recommendations on possible undertakings appropriate to and meaningful for victims encompassed in the jurisdiction of the Extraordinary Chambers.” 

Together with Youth for Peace Cambodia, a leading NGO in the country which has been actively involved in post-Khmer Rouge peace building and reconciliation work, and working with youth on peace building issues, Sangeetha Yogendran, researcher from the Justice Visions team, drafted a submission to the ECCC. The submission focused on the importance of continuing important inter-generational dialogue work that YFP has been conducting, and the relevance of including youth and the next generation in any residual function for victims of the Khmer Rouge.