Justice for Victims in Transitional Societies

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How do societies seek to come to terms with legacies of large-scale abuses in order to ensure accountability, serve justice and achieve reconciliation? And what role can victims play in this process? These are crucial questions for scholars and practitioners of transitional justice (TJ).

TJ practitioners and scholars alike have increasingly been turning to victim-centric, participatory approaches to increase the legitimacy and “efficacy” of TJ processes.

By giving victims centre stage, stakeholders hope to better address victims’ needs, enhance local ownership and transform victims into agents of change who can carry forth processes of justice seeking after international actors leave.

But what do we really know about how to best organize this victim participation, or what its long-term effects are?

This website brings you the results of, amongst other things, an ERC-funded research project (VictPart 804154) that examines this question.

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New publication by Marit de Haan & Tine Destrooper in the International Journal of Restorative Justice Posted in post, on Mar 17, 2021

‘Using restorative justice to rethink the temporality of transition in Chile’ Questions about when transitions are over prompted the writing of this article. The Chilean transition towards democracy seems to be characterized by ongoing dynamics, illustrated by a recent protest movement, a push to reform the constitution and continuous truth and justice efforts. How can […]

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Justice Visions researcher submits amicus curiae to the Guatemalan Constitutional Court Posted in post, on Dec 30, 2020

On the 29th of December 2020, twenty-four years after the signing of the Peace Accords, Gretel Mejía, Ph.D. researcher of the Justice Visions team at the Human Rights Centre, submitted an amicus curiae brief before the Guatemalan Constitutional Court on the international standards on reparations and victims’ rights. The amicus brief, available in Spanish, was […]

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