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Plenary Practitioner Roundtable ‘How Grassroots Innovations Travel’

In this roundtable moderated by Dr. Hugo van der Merwe, provide practitioners will provide their perspectives and exchange experiences across regional and domestic contexts regarding their involvement in transitional justice initiatives.

Practitioners will reflect on the innovations that they have been developing and implementing. In particular, they will consider their attempts to align formal participation avenues with their own agendas and the alternative forums and strategies devised for engagement within, alongside, or in opposition to transitional justice processes. Additionally, they will address the question whether these justice actors still perceive their work outside formal transitional justice forums as instances of transitional justice, or if they prefer another label.

Moreover, they will examine the perception of transitional justice, particularly in cases of ‘long’ transitional justice or where there was never a formal transitional justice process, and how individuals perceive their ongoing efforts. Furthermore, they will explore the societal legacy of transitional justice initiatives in relation to the initial legacy they aimed to address, and how the transitional process influences other contemporary justice struggles.