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Keynote Lecture ‘When Victims Fight for Justice: A Conversation between Arts, Activism, Academia and Institutions’

In the keynote lecture, Dr. Julissa Mantilla, Rosalina Tuyuc Velásquez, Gerardo Salinas and Dr. Luke Moffet will share their experiences and perspectives on victim participation. They will critically engage with the debate surrounding victim participation in transitional justice, and how it has evolved. Moreover, they will consider from diverse approaches what victim participation ideally looks like.

The speakers will foreground diverse ideas about the potential meanings of victim participation, stemming from individuals’ own experiences and viewpoints, extending beyond involvement in formal institutions or invited spaces. This includes highlighting indigenous practices, artistic interventions, resistance against formal transitional justice processes, and innovative proposals for institutional reforms, among others.

Dr. Elke Evrard and Dr. Brigitte Herremans will introduce the speakers and moderate the ensuing conversation.